Happy Holiday's from Rio & Yoli of This DJ. Enjoy the time off with family & friends.

Instruction with This DJ guidance

Fun mixing for the new age of DJ's

The joyous 20 year career of international DJ (This DJ/DJ Rio/DJ Adrio) has taken a path to enlightenment. Fate or not, the heart and soul of This DJ is love and passion for all music types, and being an experienced open-format DJ, the next generation can continue the legacy. 

What started out as a passionate hobby, has evolved into a dream come true. Not in it for the recognition, but truly excited about setting the mood at any given moment. Music brings out memories, and whether good or bad, music moves the soul to better your life. I encourage all types of people to join in on the learning the skills to DJ. My approach is more general basics to DJing, then it is up to you to better your craft or style. The beauty of DJing is that you are in control of the mood you are trying to set. Sometimes playing music in key is the answer, or just playing non stop music for your everyday life. Just know, I support any & all endeavors of the heart and if DJing is one of them, I can help build that bridge for you.

We will be using Virtual DJ for software on a laptop, a controller mixer, and computer monitors and headphones for sound. I will get you started with the basics of mixing, transitions, selections, effects, and more. Modern Music School in Pasadena, Ca has a private studio all to ourselves. So, come on in and give it a try.

Modern Music School

Located in Pasadena, Ca.

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