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From the moment of contact to the performance of your special event, This DJ prides himself on professionalism in customer service, appearance, and the flow of the event. Remember, good DJ's aren't cheap, and cheap DJ's aren't good. Place value on your event.


20 years in the industry gets you top-quality service, extensive music knowledge, and the ability to control the outcome of any event. Winner of DJ contests, Resident club DJ, Festival DJ, Best of Weddings DJ, Responsible School Dance DJ, International DJ.


Return customers and referrals are 95% of This DJ's booked gigs. Blessed to have received perfect reviews on yelp and other social media sites. Now it's time to share the knowledge and inspire new & existing DJ's to live life to the fullest and enjoy mixing music for others.


I am who I am because of my faith. There is no wrong way of believing, but acknowledging a higher power at play has led to countless happy moments in life and a bright future.


This DJ does it because of family. Not only to provide financial stability, but time with family that money can't buy. This is part of the formula for success in This DJ's life.


Staying fit has helped physically and mentally. Travelling and long nights aren't as enjoyable without a proper fitness regiment that includes nutrition and good healthy habits. 

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